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Sunday Morning With Dad

One of my most prominent memories growing up was that, as a farm kid, I only ever got 1 day a week to sleep in and have a reprieve from chores. My dad would start the day by blasting records on his hi-fi, singing WAY off key in the kitchen as he bounced around my mom cooking breakfast. It was so annoying as a teenager. But I'd give anything to have those mornings back.

I was just a toddler in the early 70's when my mom brought home The Jungle Book record – young enough that I don't remember the day, except as told to me by my mom.

"It was a lazy, rainy Saturday morning in our new house in White Rock. I went to the Fields store to pick up a few things for the house. I found the record in the bargain bin and thought it would be something you kids would enjoy more than your dad's obsessive rotation of all Joe Cocker records. I think it was the first kids' record you owned. Dad put it on and we all sat and listened and fell in love. It got played as much as Joe did. This was during the tv, candy and pop prohibition era in the Coulter house. We had temporarily left the Cariboo and you kids were missing the story telling program that the WL radio station played on week days to give moms a break."

I'm in my 50's now and I still listen to the Jungle Book in obsessive rotation with Joe Cocker.

Sunday Morning With Dad series , acrylic and scavenged tonearm on wood tondo.

Willie Nelson : SOLD

Fantastic Mr. Fox : SOLD

Jungle Book: $400

Nick cave : NFS

Joe Cocker: SOLD

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