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Sparks of Magic

I recently created a small works series called Urban Ravens. Small series and paintings like these are a win/win for both me and you. I’m working towards a very large portrait (working title: Urban Crone) that will take months to complete. And while I do this, I sketch ideas, ideas that go into sketchbooks and become little practice paintings. Little practice paintings become more formal studies – often as smaller works. The whole time I am chasing a thread of magic and honing my ideas. That’s the win for me.

The win for you? Small works contain the initial spark of magic. They are special. As Liz Gilbert describes – “a revolution in your heart.” If you follow my artist journey, you’ll often see these sparks ignite into something bigger than themselves.  But big artworks are costly on both the wallet and wall space. Smaller works are not. That’s a win for you.











#10 SOLD

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